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Free Portfolio Analyzer - Investment Checkup

Use the Investment Checkup tool to:

  • Assess your portfolio risk
  • Analyze past performance
  • Model individualized asset allocations

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view of the investment checkup dashboard

The Investment Checkup tool features

Asset Allocation

Your current allocation is based on the assets you hold. Your alternative asset allocation is driven by the questions you'll answer in the investment checkup.

Investment Checkup Desktop Dashboard


Identify if you’re overweight or underweight in any one sector and see how well you’re diversified. You can compare your portfolio to the S&P 500 as well as our Smart Weighting™ recommendation, which is based on equal weightings across sectors instead of market cap weightings.

Stocks Dashboard screenshot


See if any of your accounts are paying high fund fees and how much they can cost annually. If you have mutual funds, it’s important to find out if they’re helping you meet your financial goals.

Costs Dashboard

A closer look at asset allocation

Use our free, powerful financial tools to see your target allocation and areas for improvement.

Chart Line with O and X

Assess your portfolio risk

If you’re taking on too much investment risk, you’ll get suggestions on ways to potentially achieve similar levels of performance while reducing risk.

Decorative squares

Get an alternative 
asset allocation

View an alternative asset allocation that’s an optimal blend of asset classes to achieve a given risk-adjusted return.

wavy chart lines

Analyze past performance

Examine how your portfolio would have performed in the past and compare the performance of your investments over time against your alternative asset allocation.

Bar graphs comparing your portfolio

Compare your portfolio

See if your current investments are positioned to perform as well as you'd expect and establish a benchmark for your investments.

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