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Savings Planner

Your complete savings solution

See how much you’re currently saving and how much you should consider. Then use your Savings Planner to plan your annual retirement savings, your emergency fund and debt paydown strategy.

screenshot - savings planner

Retirement savings

Find out how much you need to save each year to get a 70% chance of reaching your retirement goals. If you’re a Personal Strategy wealth management client, the Savings Planner converts to our Smart Withdrawal™ once you retire. Smart Withdrawal uses advanced tax forecasting to predict your optimal account withdrawal order in retirement.

$31,800 of $40,850 - yearly savings plan

Emergency fund

Update your budget to generate your recommended emergency fund range. This should cover 3-6 months of expenses (such as mortgage, groceries and utilities) and is set by the monthly budget.

Bar chart over November to July

Debt paydown

Track your progress toward paying down debt and see your mortgage, loans and credit card balances all in one place.

debt paydown area chart

Account level savings

Exclusive for Empower clients, you get account-level savings targets optimized to help grow your savings faster. You’ll also enjoy a recommendation on whether to focus on paying down debt, an emergency fund or long-term savings.

Dashboard showing example balances for 401k, HSA, IRA and Investment accounts

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Exclusively for our clients

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